What items do you take?

We accept and specialize in handbags, jewelry, shoes, accessories and clothing from luxury fashion labels. Check out our site for the designers we love.

If I consign, when do I get paid?

Checks are automatically mailed at the end of each month, as long as you reach our minimum threshold of $50.

How many items can I bring in?

As many as you like! There is no limit to how much we can sell for you.

When can I bring my items in?

Due to recent events, we are limiting store capacity and have changed our consignment opportunities to be by appointment during regular business hours only. Please contact your local store for details.

Why should I sell with DBLTKE?

First and foremost, we are real people with a love for fashion and sustainability. We have been in business since before retail consignment went digital. We are physically present at our three stores across New Jersey and we closely manage our online presence – we’ve been in business for 27 years for a reason!

With DBLTKE, you experience truly hands-on customer service. We pride ourselves on sales experience, 100% honesty, complete authentication, and great taste.

And it shows – our customers are loyal and have enabled us to work with over 50,000 consignors over nearly 3 decades.

How long before my item shows up on the website or in stores?

After we review and approve an item, it takes about a week to show up on the website and sooner on the floor.

Step 1:
Authentication and Pricing

Step 2:
Your item is professionally photographed for our website.

Step 3:
The item is showcased in our store and ready for its new home!

Do you take clothing?

Yes! All clothing must be on hangers, laundered or dry cleaned, free of odor, no rips/ stains/missing pieces etc. We will return your hangers after we have gone through your items. No bags of clothing will be reviewed. If you are mailing clothing in, please clean and fold neatly. Please also see the consignor agreement contract for more details.

Clothing is not always featured on our website, but we have quite an amazing collection in our store with new pieces being added daily!

How much will I get for my item?

When you sell with DBLTKE you will get 50% of the resale price, with occasional exceptions.

How is my item priced?

Once you submit an item for approval, we will determine the resale price based on its condition, designer, age, detailing, and more.

Factors in pricing include:


Highly demanded items yield higher profits and sales.The more popular your item is, the more you benefit.


Pristine: New, Never Worn,
No damage, no signs of wear at all.

Excellent: Minimal signs of wear, no damage, well taken care of.

Very Good: Signs of wear, Minor Imperfections.

As-Is: Noticeable Imperfections. Not typically something we carry, but there are occasionally exceptions.

Items we don’t take: Anything with rips, tears, stains, discoloration, etc.


This goes somewhat with ‘demand’ in that if something is sold out everywhere, and greatly lusted after, you’ll get more. This can work the opposite way as well, if boots were just on sale elsewhere at a discounted price, the price we can sell the item for goes down considerably

Will my items go on sale?

Apart from your contracted monthly markdowns, we may mark down items when promotions and sales occur throughout the year.

Feel free to discuss sale dates during your consignment review.

How long do items take to sell?

Depending on demand, most items sell within the first 2 weeks of hitting the floor. We have a very loyal customer base.

How will I know when my item sold?

You can call us 7 days a week to check on the status of your account. Also, you can send the store you’re consigning with an email to check the status of your items: &

Otherwise, just keep an eye out for a check in the mail!

What if I change my mind?

No problem! Just let us know asap and we’ll remove it from the floor and website. We can arrange for you to pick up or we can ship it back to you if you provide us a shipping label.

What happens if someone returns my item?

At DBLTKE, all sales are final, so no need to worry about chargebacks.

What happens to items left behind or if my item doesn’t sell?

Items that don’t sell or that are left past your expiration date become DBLTKE sole property. The Expiration date is the day your item “expires” and becomes sole property of DBLTKE. This is usually 90 days from when an item is entered into the system, though you should inquire for more details in person. You must call us or come in before your expiration day if you’d like to take your item home.

Please make sure to mark your calendar and call us in enough time to pull your items if you want them back. Don’t worry, we never throw anything out. Please see the consignor contract for more details.

How do you accept in store consignments?

We are available to review your consignment:

Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm or Saturdays from 10am-11am only. No appointment required.

We suggest you call ahead to make sure we’re accepting the season of the clothing or item you have. We take Fall/Winter items from August through January and Spring/Summer items from February through July.

All clothing must be on hangers, laundered or dry cleaned, free of odor, no rips/stains/missing pieces etc. We will return your hangers after we have gone through your items.

No bags of clothing will be reviewed. Please also see the consignor agreement contract for more details.

What is your consignment policy?

If it is your first time consigning with us, we will need you to fill out and sign the consignor agreement contract after your item has been approved to sell. You’ll receive a starting date as well as an expiration date for each consignment.

Your item will be available for purchase for 90 days after its starting date, when it is entered into our system. After 90 days the item has reached its expiration date. For more details, you can call us directly.

Items consigned after Dec 15 and June 15 will be 60 day consignments and items consigned after Jan 15th and July 15th will be 30 day consignments. All other months are 90 days.

Items are priced based on condition and value. Every 30 days, if the item has not sold, it gets a markdown of 25%.

You must notify us 24 – 48 hours prior to your expiration date if you would like your items back. By contract, they become property of DBLTKE if we have not received a request by this time.

When the item sells we split the profit with you 50/50, unless otherwise discussed.

Consignors will be mailed a check at the end of the month if an item sells, pending the threshold. Alternately, money can be used as credits toward other purchases.

Do you offer layaway?

Yes! We have a 30 day layaway program.

You must put down 25% of the total price and pay your balance within 30 days. We will hold the item until payments are complete. If not paid within the 30 days, you will forfeit your layaway and any payments made towards it.

All layaway payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Do you have a rewards program?

Yes! We have a loyalty program where you earn DBLTKE dollars.

Earn one point for every dollar spent until you reach 1500 points. Once you hit 1500 points you will earn a $50 reward card towards your next purchase.

We offer double points throughout the year. If you use your reward card prior to a big sale, you will earn early access to that sale and can shop it first.

If you purchase items online, be sure to enter your DBLTKE rewards number at check out. Visit us in person to sign up.

Do you have an online return policy?

Handbags, jewelry and scarves are always final sale. Full price sunglasses, clothing and shoes purchased online are returnable for an online store credit if returned/postmarked within 7 days of receipt.

Sale merchandise is final sale and non-refundable. This includes items with markdowns and any and all items purchased using a promo code.

Please email detailing your reason for return prior to shipping the item back to us. All items must be returned in the same condition they were sent and back to the store they were shipped from unless otherwise arranged. We will review your items and process your store credit if you meet the above parameters. Please use a trackable and insured carrier as we are not responsible for any returned items that are lost in the mail. We reserve the right to refuse any returns and/or store credits if the item/items do not match the condition in which they were sent.

All in-store purchases are final sale. We do not allow for refunds, store credit, or exchanges.

Do you offer free shipping?

Shipping is free when you purchase items online. We do not cover the cost of returns, canceled or expired consignments, or shipping approved consignments to our store.